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8 Feb 2019

4 Undebatable Advantages Of Using Solar Energy

1. Unlimited Source of Energy Among every advantage of solar energy, the most significant thing is that sun’s power, is genuinely a sustainable power source. Solar panels can source its power from anywhere in the world, therefore making it generally accessible as a reliable renewable energy sourc...

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6 Feb 2019

Solar power safety

As a result, solar PV systems pose an electrical safety risk for residents, Ergon Energy and emergency crews in times of severe weather events such as storms, cyclones and floods.It is critical to remember solar modules and their cables should be treated as if they are live.Download and kee...

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5 Feb 2019

7 Solar Trends And Technologies To Watch For This 2019

Emerging Solar Panel Technology 1. Mono PERC’s popularity Industry predicts that 2019 will be the year of mono PERC (passivated emitter rear contact) products. According to PV InfoLink, mono PERC panels are becoming a mainstream product this year, as many facilities are using this technology f...

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4 Feb 2019

Tips and Tricks to Maximise Your Solar PV system

You might think that the way to get the best out of a PV system is solely choosing solar modules with high-performing ability to convert energy from the sun. With all the efficient solar panels in the market, it is important to learn that there are other factors that affect the performance of the wh...

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4 Feb 2019

RMIT says new solar technology could transform chemical manufacturing

Written by Joshua S Hill / RenewEconomy / 1st February 2019 Researcher’s from Victoria’s RMIT University have designed a new nano-enhanced material that they claim can capture 98% of light and which can be used to convert light to power chemical reactions, a discovery which could help deliv...

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30 Jan 2019

Ambitious energy efficiency targets needed

Posted by EcoGeneration / 23 January 2019  Victoria’s opportunity We’ve put the challenge to the Victorian Government to continue to strengthen its energy savings  scheme by converting from an emissions reduction target to a percentage of electricity and gas sales from 2021 with a progressiv...

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23 Jan 2019

Victoria solar rebate notches up nearly 7,000 new rooftop systems

By Sophie Vorrath / One Step Off The Grid / 22 January 2019Victorian households are cashing on the state government’s solar homes rebate by the thousands, with latest reports indicating nearly 7, rooftop PV systems have been installed under the $1.2 billion scheme since its launched in late Au...

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21 Jan 2019

City of Melbourne hits 100% renewables as 80MW wind farm comes online

By Sophie Vorrath / One Step Off The Grid / 18 January 2019 The City of Melbourne has set a high bar for governments around the country, kicking off 2019 with the news that 100 per cent of the its operations are now powered by 100 per cent renewable energy – an Australian first.“We are ...

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17 Jan 2019

SolarEdge teams with Google to integrate automated EV Charging

By Joshua S Hill / RenewEconomy / 14 January 2019Israeli-based solar manufacturer SolarEdge announced last week that it was teaming up with Google to integrate Google Assistant into its own electric-vehicle charging solar inverter, only days after it announced the acquisition of Italian e-mobili...

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13 Jan 2019

Waste crisis looms as thousands of solar panels reach end of life

Main image: Australians have embraced the rooftop solar revolution, but critics say governments are lagging on managing the waste. CREDIT: JUSTIN MCMANUS By Nicole Hasham / The Sydney Morning Herald / 13 January 2019Thousands of ageing rooftop solar panels represent a toxic time-bomb and maj...

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2 Nov 2018


Pre-order Now PV to grid solution including full service from SolarEdgeEasy installation with module pre-assembled optimiser Integrated with P370 power optimiser Optimised energy output by constantly tracking the maximum power point (MPPT) of each module individually Module-level v...

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6 Sep 2018

Do I, or Don’t I? the emotional and financial rollercoaster of ‘going off-grid”!

 As an off-grid expert, I get asked the question constantly, “Is it a viable option?”Well, how long is a piece of string?I am not a fore-see-er, I do not predict the future, but what I do know is; that as long as the sun rises tomorrow, I can build you an ‘off-grid system’ t...

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