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Buy a 5.5KW “Smart” Solar System & Beat a Dumb 6.6KW!

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Buy a 5.5KW “Smart” Solar System & Beat a Dumb 6.6KW!

Make your solar system SMARTER

Emberpulse is the most advanced energy management system available. It’s the essential companion for all existing and new solar installations. The great news is, our 5.5KW Smart Solar System includes the Emberpulse as standard!

Combining elegant in-home hardware with intuitive app design, Emberpulse has advanced algorithms that guarantee to protect your solar system and guarantees to earn you more from your solar investment.

Information is power – Don’t accept basic solar system monitoring.

Emberpulse provides full oversight of your home’s solar generation and grid energy usage and adapts to your needs

Control your
air conditioning,
lights and appliances 


Upgrade your home to a smart connected home that works for you. Use Emberpulse to remotely control your air conditioning, lights and connected appliances, anywhere and anytime. Increase your energy savings, comfort and security. Control features may require additional equipment.

Take back control of your energy.

Emberpulse is an intelligent in-home system that monitors and advises you how to reduce your energy costs and earn more from your solar system.

  • $500 guaranteed energy savings (excludes NT and WA)
  • Always be on the best electricity plan
  • Guaranteed solar outage alerts and solar income protection
  • Set your budget and view your forecasted energy spend
  • Monitor your energy in real time
  • Remotely control your home’s air conditioning, lights and other devices
  • Compatible with all solar systems

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Energy Stuff Pty Ltd is a fully insured and registered Electrical Contractor. Be assured, our installation, solar system equipment and paperwork all adhere to the strict requirements of this program. We have been very active over the years focussing on the safety of solar and trying to minimise the impact on Australian home and business customers of the negative effects of such rebates and programs.whilst owning a solar system is the way to go, It is still true that many customers over the years have lost confidence on who to trust to purchase a system, through practices such as door knocking and certain cold calling techniques.

The team at Energy Stuff are not faceless. We proudly have our profiles on our site. Please see our team here.

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Don’t just buy a solar system, buy a Smart Solar System.

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