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Case Study

Connect Church Townsville


Pastor Cami & Karen De Almeida have pastored Connect Church [formally Sun City Christian Church] since September 2011. They live and worship in the true centre of solar in Australia, Townsville. Hosting a number of weekly events, utilising electricity for cooling and audio-visual support, Connect Church had a large monthly power bill.

With over 300 days of sunshine a year, solar was the solution and specifically, an Ovida Solar Power Purchase Agreement, meant Connect Church could go Solar without effectively paying for the systems.


We partnered with Ovida to offer a power purchase agreement from energy provided by a 29.7kw Solar Array.

Solar energy is a great way to reduce operating costs, but it’s not always ideal to pay for a solar system up front so – we aspire to make ENERGY EASY and in this installation, we supplied our customer with affordable reliable power without any upfront investment. We have partnered with Ovida to provide a seamless solution that enables you to have access to low-cost electricity.

By entering into an Ovida PPA, your business can enjoy benefits of an onsite system, such as lower energy bills, reduced exposure to energy price volatility, green brand benefits and more – all without having to make any upfront payment.


Pastor Cami & Karen De Almeida and the members of Connect Church will enjoy immediate cash flow benefits and electricity savings.

In the traditional energy model, you pay both for the electricity that you use and for the transportation costs of moving the energy from the generator to your business. In this case, smart clean energy is delivered out of the roof, directly into the church.

With a solar PPA, you are bypassing all the transportation costs and just paying for the electricity the system generates on your roof.

Ovida will bill for the solar produced, and save Connect Church an estimated* $87,839 over the life of the system.

If you are a business or community group with a large power bill, find out more here: Link

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