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Case Study

James installs a new 6kW solar system


James originally approached Energy Stuff with the idea of getting a new solar system for a house he recently moved into with his parents. While he had no real idea of specifications he had two main criteria those being a quality system that would perform well over time and a system ready to take battery storage when costs come down a bit.


After discussing James needs over a  few meetings we found that a SolarEdge system would be his best option with a stage 1 payment of less than five years.

James had a few issues with the location of panels and shading, the SolarEdge system eliminated those concerns and was the obvious solution. The SolarEdge system with optimisers allowed for a more efficient layout of the panels and increased performance of the system. We also oversized the system with 6kW of panels on a 5kW inverter. This provides peak production over a longer period each day.

The system comprises of:

  • Panels: Astronergy 300W Mono Perc Black Frame
  • Inverter: StoreEdge SE5000
  • Optimisers; SolarEdge Optimisers P300-5R M4M RS

Site Specific Challenges:

  • Although James had a large roof space, there were a few challenges with airconditioning units, spouts and other obstacles. Using the SolarEdge system allowed for an easier alignment of panels. This also helped with a large tree that is in James’s backyard. This tree sat on the north side of his property and created large shading for most of the day.


James is now enjoying the spoils of the system with highly reduced energy bills and he is keeping close to us in monitoring battery storage costs as he see this as his next investment.

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