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Case Study

Mary needed her solar system reinstalled


Mary had her solar system for many years but in order to fix her roof she needed to remove it. After a site inspection, Energy Stuff was able to provide Mary with a quote and details of the work that needed to be completed in order to get her solar system back on the roof and into production.


Energy Stuff in conjunction with our head installer Sam Mountford worked closely with his team to review the new roof and the old system that was stacked away for safe keeping. It was determined that the panels and inverter were able to be reused and only new mounting was required along with new electrics to meet current standards. This involved a complete new wiring plan with new isolators. The installation was successfully completed over a few days due to poor weather condition.

As with all system upgrades in Victoria, this work required a Safety certificate before it could be reconnected to the grid and while the replaced system was approved it was found that the switchboard was not to the latest standard and more work was required here to bring it into line. While a nuisance it means that Mary’s whole system is now to spec and able to provide the energy required of it.


Post the installation, Mary’s system is back running efficiently and keeping her energy costs low.

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