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Did you know high voltages can damage your solar system and cause your inverter to disconnect?

Australian homes are receiving voltages above acceptable limits!

Many Australian homes are being fed electricity with more voltage than they need causing appliances to use extra power. The energy networks blame solar panels for boosting voltage levels. But data obtained by 7.30 shows many homes are receiving voltages above acceptable limits at all times of the day – even when solar panels aren’t generating any power. The solution is Edge IQ.


  • Did you know high voltages can damage your solar system and cause your inverter to disconnect? Protect your solar investment and maximise your payback with EdgeIQ!
  • Did you make the smart choice to install solar but have no idea if it’s working properly? Get full visibility of your solar performance and maximise your savings with EdgeIQ!
  • Are you seeing the savings you’d hoped for with solar? Protect your home, monitor your energy usage and improve your solar payback with EdgeIQ!

What is Edge IQ?

EdgeIQ is a globally-patented Voltage Regulation device. It shields your home (and your wallet!) from high voltage levels supplied by the electricity grid and ensures you consume just the electricity you require to run your house. This exciting technology protects your appliances, monitors your energy usage, and saves you up to $800 every year. Additionally, if you have solar, EdgeIQ will make your system up to 15% more effective!


EdgeIQ acts like a shield between your home and the electricity grid. This enables your appliances to last longer and uses less electricity. It also protects your electrical appliances from damaging power surges and lightning strikes. If you have solar, high voltage can cause your inverter to disconnect intermittently and degrade over time. EdgeIQ protects the lifespan of your inverter and makes sure it works at its highest efficiency whenever the sun is shining.


EdgeIQ’s intelligent software interacts with other devices in your home to provide live data on how much energy, carbon and money you are saving. If you have solar, EdgeIQ will monitor the performance of your system and tell you exactly how much solar power you are exporting. EdgeIQ comes with a simple, intuitive customer portal which can be accessed from your computer or smart device.


EdgeIQ will save you up to $800 every year in reduced electricity consumption, appliance protection and improved solar performance. The best part is, you don’t have to change your routine or usage behaviour at all to see the savings! Get protection, visibility and peace of mind, for a fraction of the cost of solar.

How does Edge IQ Work?

EdgeIQ acts as a gatekeeper between your home and the electricity grid. Imagine powerful, fluctuating volts travelling along the power lines towards your home. Once the volts hit your EdgeIQ device, they are passed through high-speed microprocessors, which ‘chop them up’ at a rate of 18,000 times per second.

When the volts leave your EdgeIQ device, they are reduced to a steady, uniform level, which is fed into your home and used by your appliances. This method, known as Voltage Regulation, allows your appliances to consume only the electricity they require to run, which reduces your electricity bills and lowers your carbon emissions. Additionally, if you have solar, you will have more solar power to export back to the grid and your system will be protected from damaging voltages which can cause your inverter to degrade and disconnect.

Traditional Voltage Regulation has been used to reduce electricity costs for decades and is well known among engineers and technical experts. Unfortunately, traditional solutions use an inefficient process, known as ‘AC-DC-AC’ conversion, which is expensive and unsuitable for residential sites.

EdgeIQ is the world’s first Voltage Regulation technology to reduce grid voltage at your home through an efficient and low-cost process, known as ‘AC-AC’ conversion. This globally-patented, software-driven innovation has revolutionised energy saving methods. EdgeIQ works 24/7 to protect and control the electricity inside your home, so you don’t have to worry about it!

What is the Edge IQ Customer Portal?

The EdgeIQ Customer Portal is a simple, intuitive user interface which gives you real-time visibility of your energy savings and solar performance. Easily accessible from your computer or smart device, the EdgeIQ Customer Portal shows you exactly how much money, energy, solar and carbon you are saving at any time. It’s the simplest way to monitor and validate the performance of your EdgeIQ and solar system.

Seriously smart technology to fight ridiculously expensive power bills.

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