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Energy prices are continuing to rise at an alarming rate, resulting in more households now looking at solar.  Solar costs have come down considerably over the past five years and this has resulted in an average system size in the 5 to 6kW range whereas five years ago this would have been in the 2 to the 3kW range. Another factor to consider is that the Government rebates (STC’s) will end in 2030 and they reduce each year until then.

What are the factors to consider when buying a system?

In relation to what size system you need comes down to two main factors:

  1. The first factor is the roof space available and the orientation. The old north facing placement is changing as more clients are looking to morning (East) and later day (West) solar production so split arrays are the way to go. While this will cost a bit more you will generate more energy and if States introduce Peak feed-in tariffs then those who can produce more energy later in the day will be the economic winners.
  2. The second factor is the economics which comes down to your power usage, energy rates and capital investment. Large energy users can pay back a system in a few years while low users can take anywhere up to eight years.
Our job is to simply review your current and future energy needs and suggest the right system for you. Our proposals come with Return on Investment (ROI) modelling and we can also provide finance through our partners.

Commercial energy savings starts with expert knowledge

Energy is necessary however the unpredictable cost for all businesses and many others is a significant variable expense. We understand that it can be difficult even to navigate your energy bills, let alone to stay abreast of all the information about how to improve efficiency and make savings. Plus, then it still needs to be implemented by a trusted energy provider and professional.

Other considerations when looking at a new solar system are:

  • Monitoring – most new systems come with basic to good monitoring and there are some great third-party monitoring systems now that can do far more than just view your energy production and usage. See our Smart Energy section
  • Battery Storage – over 60% of current solar users are looking at batteries for the future and while prices have still a way to go down you may wish to build this capability into your new system
  • Electric Vehicles (EVs) – are likely to become a major drawcard for people as prices drop and if you can charge from home via off-peak or battery storage then this can be a factor in your system design and placement.

We have a range of popular Power packs available or we can develop a system just for you. Call us today and we will arrange for a solar specialist to call you.

Now is the time to increase your solar capacity

Is your solar system too small for your current and future energy needs?

If you have noticed that your system is no longer adequate for your energy needs or is slowly fading, then it may be time to look at fully replacing or giving your system a partial upgrade. With the new compliance regulations, it is a lot cheaper to replace a system that no longer complies with or is a safety risk to you.

Due to high prices, the average solar system installed over five years ago was in the range of 3Kw which produces about 12kw hours of energy in the summertime. For smaller systems such as 1.5 and 2kw, the figure drops down to 6 and 8kwh. The average homes use on average 20 kWh of electricity per day, these systems can only keep up during the peak production hours around mid-day.

Its simple, find out how we can help?

The average solar system being installed today is around 5kw with some going as high as 12kw. Every home is different and what works for your neighbour may not work for you. Let us determine the right system upgrade for you by a full audit of your current system by a fully qualified solar installer. The information we gather about your current and future energy needs will determine the best course of action for moving ahead.

A full report will be provided with recommendations as to the options available and the likely costs involved.

Our Services metro and regional areas?

We provide services for metro and regional areas from $200.00 plus GST. Order for an audit via our shop or fill out the form.

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