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Solar Edge – The Complete SolarEdge Residential Solution

More power = more savings on your electricity bill In a PV system

Why Choose a SolarEdge System to Power Your Home? More Energy from the Sun

More power = more savings on your electricity bill In a PV system, each panel has an individual maximum power point. Differences between panels introduce power losses and can lead to underperformance of the entire system over time.

With traditional inverters, the weakest panel reduces the performance of all panels. With SolarEdge, each panel produces the maximum energy, and power losses are eliminated.

Exceptional Safety SolarEdge’s SafeDC™ feature is designed to reduce the PV array to a safe voltage upon AC or inverter shutdown, offering more protection to installers, firefighters, and your home. Compliant with the most advanced safety standards.

Full System Monitoring A solar PV system without monitoring would be like a car without a dashboard. The SolarEdge monitoring platform provides free, real-time visibility into the performance of each panel on your roof. Access is available from any computer or mobile device, anytime, anywhere.

Long-Term Warranties

SolarEdge products are field-proven and built for lasting performance. This enables us to offer warranties which are amongst the longest in the industry, including 25 years for SolarEdge power optimisers and 12 years for inverters (extendable to 20 or 25 years for an additional cost). Protect your investment and enjoy peace of mind.

Be Ready for the Future

Your SolarEdge system is future-proofed, supporting easy upgrades to solutions you may not need today but will do in the future, such as battery storage, EV charging, and smart energy.

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Our Head Office & Warehouse is located at 25A Lobelia Drive, Altona North VIC 3025 and our Off-Grid team are located at 14-20 Aerodrome Rd, Maroochydore QLD 4558. All our installation crews across Australia are ready to check your warranty, support, inspect, check and upgrade your existing or faulty equipment.

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