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Smart Energy

Monitor, and manage to save energy and reduce costs

Smart Solar: More than Monitoring

Most households have no idea of how much energy they are generating or using at any point in time. So they cannot optimise the return on the investment made.

Emberpulse removes this energy uncertainty, providing you 24/7 real-time monitoring and management of your solar generation and electricity consumption.

  • Stop guessing when to use your solar power. The Emberpulse’s coloured light will pulse to let you know when it’s financially best to use your solar energy.
  • Set alerts and receive daily weekly or monthly reports and up to date bill forecasts.
  • Emberpulse ensures you always get the best energy plan to save money.
  • Receive battery recommendations, if and when appropriate for your home

Avoid bill shock, let Emberpulse automatically advise you on your electricity spend and performance against your budget.

Emberpulse comes with a $500 energy saving guarantee.

Emberpulse is guaranteed to find you at least $500 in energy savings over three years. Savings may include identifying a better energy plan, diagnosing inefficiencies in and better use of your solar system and automating your energy usage.

If Emberpulse doesn’t find you at least $500 in savings, they’ll pay you the difference between your identified savings and the $500 guarantee (T&Cs apply).

Smart home control

Use Emberpulse to control the appliance’s in your home when you want. Increase your energy savings, comfort and security. All from one app.

  • Remotely control your air conditioning
  • Turn your lights on/off
  • Monitor and control connected appliances


Solar Outage Alerts with the guarantee

  • An undetected 4-month solar system outage can sting you with an unexpected energy bill of over $600.
  • Emberpulse’s Solar Sentinel protection guarantee ensures your solar system is earning you money, protecting you from unreported solar system outages 24/7.
  • If an outage is detected, they will advise you – guaranteed. If they don’t, they’ll pay for your lost solar revenue during this period.

Real-time solar advice

  • Stop guessing when to use your solar power. The Emberpulse’s coloured light will pulse to let you know when it’s financially best to use or export your solar energy.
  • Smarter usage of your solar can save you up to $215 per year.

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