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Solar Checkup

Be confident your system is working effectively

Be safe, be productive – book a solar check-up today

There are now 1.8 million solar systems installed across Australia and many of these are over five years old. Like any piece of technology solar systems are prone to damage, wear and tear and product failure and unfortunately this can result in not just energy reduction but safety issues such as fire.

Your Quality is our Priority

Another issue to take into consideration is the quality of the original installation. Our history shows that can be a mixed bag from very poor to very good.

Give your system a good check-up 

If you have not had your system checked for several years, or you have purchased a home with solar installed, we recommend a Solar Audit where one of our solar accredited installers will check your system to determine:

  • that it is safe (wiring and isolation)
  • that it is running efficiently (power generation)
  • that the integrity of your roof is sound (sealed joints)
We will present a report with both findings and recommendations and then work with you to ensure your system is in top shape no matter how old it is.
Is it an existing system or an upgrade? Consider a Checkup

If you are looking at upgrading your system, then a check-up is the ideal start position as we can determine the state of your current components to determine if it can be used in a new system. Our experienced team will advise once we understand your system better. We will make it simple and easy for you by doing all the hard work.

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Our Locations

Our Head Office & Warehouse is located at 25A Lobelia Drive, Altona North VIC 3025 and our Off-Grid team are located at 14-20 Aerodrome Rd, Maroochydore QLD 4558. All our installation crews across Australia are ready to check your warranty, support, inspect, check and upgrade your existing or faulty equipment.

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