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Power factor correction

Energy saving ideas for business

Understanding your energy use and taking steps to become more energy efficient can benefit your business in a range of ways. Saving energy will help your business cut carbon emissions, reduce costs and enhance your image.


LED Commercial Lighting without a doubt is the best value upgrade a business can undertake.


Generous Feed-In Tariffs are gone, harness the power you produce from installed solar PV systems, 24/7


Power factor correction (PFC) is a newer technology used in computer power supplies. PFC is applied to the circuits that include induction motors as a means of reducing the inductive component of the current and thereby reduce the losses in the supply.

What is the use of power factor correction?
By optimising and improving the power factorpower quality is improved, reducing the load on the electricity distribution system. PFC equipment achieves a decrease in the total amount of electrical demand by using a bank of capacitors to offset an inductive load (or reactors if the load is capacitive).

We understand that customers are fed up with expensive electricity and confusing tariffs. That’s why we take POWERSAVE™ – a totally unique and intelligent technology on broad to help you improve your site’s power factor and reduces your bills without any changes in user behaviour.

Unlike traditional solutions, the PowerSave™ is driven by globally-patented software, which makes it safer, smarter and more interactive. It doesn’t heat up, it corrects your power imbalance with greater accuracy, and is communications-enabled for deeper insight into performance and monitoring.


  • Software-driven capacitors steps ensure accurate correction in micro-increments (known as steps)
  • No reactors ensure low heat production and minimise the unit size
  • Fully cloud communications-enabled for simple customer monitoring through a mobile platform
  • Quick and simple set up and commissioning features with auto CT installation detection
  • Upgradeable for harmonic protection, should site require additional power quality protection
  • 3-year onsite warranty
  • Three years of full performance monitoring billed as part of the supply price on low-cost subscription thereafter


  • Low heat ensures a safe environment and no heat damage to surrounding equipment
  • Standard installation takes 3-4 hours
  • High-quality TDK Epcos capacitors
  • Partnered with a global manufacturer, Flex, to guarantee safe and durable designs


Many business owners are completely unaware that in addition to standard energy charges, Electricity Networks also hit customers with increasing Network Demand Charges. Whenever your equipment is turned on, it causes the peak of surge power. Your electricity company charges you a maximum daily rate for that expensive peak power, even if you only use that peak power for a few minutes during the month

PowerSave’s software-driven capacitors are like small batteries which provide peak power to your equipment so that you don’t get charged for that expensive peak power from the Electricity Network.


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