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Solar Safety Matters to the Team At Energy Stuff

Solar Safe, by Energy Stuff, was founded to help home, business and rural customers with solar warranties, repairs, replacements or upgrades of your solar panels or inverter. The Solar-Safe model has recently extended our advocacy to our Solar Safety, Storage Safety and Battery Safety businesses.

Our Team at Energy Stuff

Our team at Energy Stuff are specialists in inverter repairs, services, and replacements. Solar panel expansions help you make more money from your solar PV systems. Adding one, two or three new solar panels can make a difference. Our Solar Panels suppliers have been chosen based on years of research, practical experience and have stood the test of time.

Is your solar system making the savings promised?

We can help you make more energy savings. This process involves an audit done by a specialist accredited installer. They check your current installation to ensure you are making the most out of your solar system. Our team can also assist you with the purchase of a new solar system for the home. Our business has experienced tradespeople and a national dealer network caring for solar customers whose original installer, manufacturer or sales companies have gone out of business and are looking for new systems.

“We are a national business and our team are working to make us one of the most respected Solar Companies in Australia.” – Lucas Sadler Co – Founder

We were founded to support the solar customers whose original installer, manufactures or sales companies have gone out of business.

With extensive experience in our field, we are here to support the many thousands of solar installations across the country. Our experience as one of Australia’ssolar-panels most respected regional companies has shown us customers prefer to deal with “real people” from firms that they can trust.

Talk to our team today for information on your solar array and how to monitor the safety of your solar system. We will give you the right direction when it comes to upgrades and services.

Our customers benefit from the knowledge gained by our internal Research and Development Team.

How can we help?

Have you’ve purchased a solar system in the hype of previous Australia Government incentives? Are you concerned about Solar-Safety? Considering installing a solar system and you don’t know who to trust. Principally we are offering consumers the chance to have their system checked, monitored and upgraded by a quality Solar-Safety system, which includes our recommended world’s best solar brands, that are installed and checked by a Master Electrician.

Our key protection feature is your FREE Solar Diary. A Solar Diary Membership allows us to record and monitor all of your key competent information, serial numbers and track any global safety recalls. As a valued Solar-Safety Member, we will assist you in making sure you receive the best performance from your solar system.

Check our safety advice

Check out our online video information and join us for exclusive webinars, our Solar-Safety team is here to help protect your family home or business and to further increase your knowledge and awareness for your safety.

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Over 2 million small-scale solar systems were installed and more than 15,000 businesses across the country introduced a solar power system by the end of 2018.

The majority of these installations happened during the frenzy of rebates and feed-in tariff incentives. Many installations that were done by MANY companies that are now no longer in business. At Energy Stuff, we offer SMART ENERGY services to help you monitor the usage of your system and make sure your system gives you the best outcome and make most importantly make sure the system is safe. If your system is not performing as it should, we will help steer you in the right direction. We value our customer to make sure they enjoy all the benefits from their solar system and save Energy.

At Energy Stuff, we encourage our clients to get an annual clean of their system and can help select a preferred solar panel clean partner near you.

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Our Locations

Our Head Office & Warehouse is located at 25A Lobelia Drive, Altona North VIC 3025 and our Off-Grid team are located at 14-20 Aerodrome Rd, Maroochydore QLD 4558. All our installation crews across Australia are ready to check your warranty, support, inspect, check and upgrade your existing or faulty equipment.

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