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Solar System Battery Storage

Be energy self-sufficient – day and night

Use all your solar energy to reduce your energy bill even further

With most homes only utilising about half of their solar energy generation and feed-in tariffs now around the 10 cents mark it is no wonder that many homeowners are looking at battery storage to get their utilisation up to above 80%

Battery Storage Chart

To most people, this will be a financial issue such as the cost of a battery compared with the payback in lower energy charges. We all know that battery storage is reducing in price and in some cases it does make economic sense to move now as paybacks can be in the 5 to 8-year range. For most, though the payback can be over ten years and with a replacement age of 10 years for most batteries, this is hard to justify apart from the confidence of knowing you are almost self-sufficient.

With over 60% of existing solar homes interested in future battery storage, it may be necessary to update most older systems to add this feature. This may involve extra panels and more likely new inverters. We will need some information from you on your current system to determine your battery readiness.
We have costing models available that can support decision making around battery storage (for example the right sized battery for you) and we are happy to set up a call to gain information so a proposal can be supplied. Please complete the form below and we will get one of our staff to call you in the next two days to arrange a time that suits.

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