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Solar System Repairs

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If more than five years old systems can be high maintenance and will likely require solar system repairs and replacement components. Often you will only realise this when your system has failed or dramatically dropped production.

We do all types and sizes of grid-based residential solar system repairs. If your system is out of warranty we can support you to get back into generation.

All of our installers are CEC (Clean Energy Council) accredited solar specialists and have considerable experience within the industry.

Irrespective of the fault we highly recommend a full system check-up be conducted as this may expose other concerns either from a safety or productivity nature that may need to be fixed.

We can quickly get a qualified solar installer to visit your site to determine the issue. It may be a simple fix which he can do on the spot, or he will advise if replacement units are required in which case we will provide a written quotation for your review.

Any supporting information you can provide prior to calling us or when completing the form will help us to determine your issue. This may cover error codes, fault descriptions, the frequency of faults, current status of the system (switched off, on and off intermittent). Another time-saving idea is to photograph the inverter label which can provide us with valuable details on the unit.

What’s included in our inspection and solar system repairs service?

  • A site visit from a CEC accredited solar specialist to inspect your system, including the inverter, isolator and cabling.
  • Repairing any minor faults using minor consumable parts if possible, on the site visit.
  • A report post-site inspection with recommendations on what needs to be done to get the system back up and running, (if not fixed with minor consumable parts).
  • A no-obligation quote for any works or replacements needed (for e.g., the cost of replacing the inverter), backed up by a 12-month warranty on workmanship.

What checks are needed for solar system repairs?

Repairing a solar system efficiently can include:

  • Checking the solar panels for any discolouration, chips or cracks.
  • Observing the display panel on the inverter to check if the inverter is functioning properly.
  • Ensuring all switches, connections and wires are secure and operating properly.
  • Ensuring the structural integrity of the panels is achieved and the system is performing as per proper safety standards.

Troubleshooting tips

Sometimes, troubleshooting your system can help understand and identify the best repair options:

  • Look for fault codes and the colour of flashing lights as displayed on your inverter LCD screen.
  • Rebooting your system can sometimes clear a fault. If your inverter does not have a label affixed to explain this process then download our Solar Inverter ShutDown and Reboot Procedure and follow the simple steps.
  • Do a shading test to check if some trees have grown over time and are blocking sunlight reaching the panels. Shade over just part of your system can impact across the whole system.
  • Checking for zero power output: because of a faulty inverter or failure of a solar panel in the system.

* If you live in a regional area, then please fill out the form, and we will get back to you with a firm quote to visit your site.

Need answers to energy-related questions? See our energy FAQs.

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